Congratulations! You’ve found me!  I’m not sure how, since on any given day I can’t find my own blog, but here we are.  First, a little about myself.  I’m Alison, a 29 31 year old lady, who among other things, really enjoys trying new restaurants.  As a person with a wide-ranging interest in food, I sometimes have trouble convincing friends to be as adventurous as I need them to be to try new places.  Also, my day job affords me the great opportunity to try many different places on my lunch hour.  Given the solitary nature of my car-based job and my penchant for new and exciting dining, I usually find myself dining alone.  I’ve come to realize that most reviews and write-ups are really meant for at least two, if not a group of people dining out.  This format simply doesn’t work for the person who is dining alone, whether by choice or circumstance.  So, I’ve decided to do something about this…


This site will serve as a place for me to review, reflect, and react to the single dining experience.  There may be the occasional reflection of experiences past, but I’m striving to keep my reviews current.  I’m not a professional food critic, or even close, but I think I have a pretty discerning palate.  I would definitely consider eating and dining out to be hobbies of mine, and I know I’m not alone.   So join me on my single dining adventures, and that way none of us have to dine alone.


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